Gifs today / by Michael Foley

Innovation in mobile phone applications introduced in 2014 allowed a way to let anyone with a cell phone turn anything and everything they see into an animated Gif with the push of a button and publish in virtual works of communication.

They are so popular because they create connections between a subject and an audience, Gif meme popularity is not forced or created to sell something, they become popular because they connect people and their interests, are insightful, make you laugh, are that moment or countless other reasons. GIFs remain popular because they solidify a point, change an event into a moment, are a quick video like formate, they have speed, "Going Super Saiyan"

The average attention span of internet is around 8 seconds today. To make you laugh, they also measured the attention span of a gold-fish and the result was 9 seconds.  So  “Say it quick, say it well” Everyone and anyone can be heard theses day if their message catches the immediate.