Modern Age of Animated Gif / by Michael Foley

2009 began the modern age of Animated GIF images with advancement in editable softer. This along side its wide spread accessibility to manipulate images that could combining videos illustration or computer generated art and photography. Despite the advents of high quality video-streaming services and video-sharing communities, GIFs didn’t fade into oblivion.

The seemingly outdated image format became embraced by many users on photo-sharing platforms and social networking sites. Although still playful Animated Gif files gained sophistication through these new techniques, like an image from Happy Toast that uses photo manipulation to create a animation.

 Appearing on social media animated GIF Started use photography editing tools along with video to posted image, featuring a scene from The Shining. With the downgrade of Flash, the Animated GIF made it's way back onto mainstream websites as web banners, commonly appearing in a slideshow format.