The Foley twins have been at the forefront of corporate (Professional) gif animation creation for the past 4 years They have done High-End retouch and photo illustration since it’s genesis. constantly evolving to push the creative boundaries

Earlier in their career as part of the creative visual team at ilori, responsible for conception and creating window displays for their flagship stores in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. Their work was often featured in WGSN, “the world’s leading research and trend analysis”.

For the Limited Brands they worked with the New York creative teams as project managers to inspire, develop and create visual and graphic elements for seasonal store themes. The presentations cost several thousands to millions of dollars in order to pursue creative exploration of brand identity. 

Before this the Foley Twins worked as commissioned artists, for individuals and companies. Some of the groups they worked for were: Wexner Center of Arts, Ohio Capital Building, University of Virginia, Ohio Literacy Council, Columbus Museum of Art. The most notable work for Central Ohio was a 23 foot bronze statue of Columbus’s founding father, Lucas Sulivant, located downtown in Genoa Park behind COSI.


Michael Foley


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